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Residential Full Service (starts at $85.00/month) includes the following:

  • Empty/clean skimmer basket(s)
  • Empty/clean pump basket(s)
  • Brush walls, steps and tiles at the water line
  • Net surface and bottom of pool for debris
  • Vacuum pool/spa as necessary
  • Backwash DE and sand filters as necessary
  • Lubricate O-rings and gaskets as needed
  • Inspect and clean salt cell as necessary
  • Water testing: chlorine, pH and alkalinity
  • Quarterly testing for water hardness and phosphates
  • Chemical balancing:  basic chemicals included (additional charge for phosphate treatment and algaecides)
  • Electronic record of visit including of water chemistry and equipment notes 

Additional services:

Acid wash

Bead blasting and tile cleaning

Chemical bath

Filter cleans




General clean up

Green pool clean ups (Green to Clean)

Motor installations and repairs

Plumbing and above ground leak repair

Pool drains

Pump installation and repair

Salt cell cleaning

Salt system installations

Salt system conversions

Sand change for sand filters

Service calls to trouble shoot

Water leveler repair

Unclogging lines

Vacuum and cleaning system repair